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Here’s the lowdown: We sell top brand children to adult athletic apparel and equipment.

We select items based on current season and condition and what will make you the most money.


Wheaton IL Sport Equipment and Apparel Resale & Consignment

Make an appointment by

calling 630.765.7411

Consignment Resale & Used sporting gear, equipment and clothing in Wheaton IL a Chicago Western Suburb

Bring us apparel neatly folded in 1-2 plastic bins. Please mention large equipment prior to appointment.


Used Sports Equipment Resale & Consignment in Wheaton IL

Bring us your best and gently used or

brand new apparel and equipment.

Used Sports Equipment, Gear, Apparel & Clothing on consignmnet resale in Wheaton IL

Give us about 20 minutes to go through your items, depending on the amount

you bring.


Used sports equipment and apparel consignment & resale for sale in Wheaton IL

Bring us items that are clean and in

great condition.

Resale shop of used sports equipment, gear, clothing at consignment shop in Wheaton IL a west suburb of Chicago Illinois

We'll price your items, display them and give your 40% of the selling price.


That's it... it's that easy to get and stay active with Wear & Share Sport!


Need more details? Click here or our complete guidelines and a list of labels we love.

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